Recently I’ve had the pleasure of playing Baldur’s Gate 3, and in the later half of the game there’s a pretty annoying (tricky?) bit. Of course I’m talking about Lady Jannath’s estate. Spoilers follow.

The cursed skulls, invisible poltergeist and the (literally) cursing candelabras make this suffering. The worst part about is that the skulls will keep immediately casting Thunderwave, pushing back whoever is near for a good amount of damage as well.

There is a way to make this much less frustrating though: enter combat. Confusingly, even in turn based mode, the skulls react immediately, casting Thunderwave as soon as someone (even a summoned creature) approaches it, but it doesn’t seem to do that in combat.

What I did was break a candelabra, start combat with the vengeful spirit inside, and while most of my team are fighting that (and the poltergeist that inevitably get involved), the fastest person can run up to the skulls and throw them out of the way. Or, if you have some way of dealing enough bludgeoning damage to go through Medium Toughness (22 or more a hit), that works too. Or, if you have the spell slots to spare, use Remove Curse. I just threw the skulls out of the way (and once they don’t face the only way you can pass, the stairs, it’s much easier to destroy them).

It’s still extremely annoying, but much less so.