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Sour candy

As the next photo of the Series, please welcome Sour Candy by ~PaintedClocks. It might not seem to be the greatest choice, but there’s a lot behind the few colors. Cute girl, lots and lots of stripes and… well, that’s enough for me to collect this photo…

Sour Candy

Queen of the wild frontier

In this week’s episode of the Series, here comes Kings of the Wild Frontier by ~pairofparentheses. I’m running out of comments. It’s a great pose, a nice girl, a good photo and beauty in focus.

A little soul

A little soul by ~Mis-shaped is the second in The Series, and not the last for sure. To look at the picture, and sure it’s worth looking at, for innumerably many reasons, among which are a cute pose, a beautiful girl, big headphones, blonde, the eyes, the legs, and of course the socks, i have to add, different colored, one huge plus point, but both are… well, just see.


It’s been a while since i last posted, sorry, reblogged (i’ve to keep up with trends) a deviantArt picture, but when else, if not the start of my sockseries would be a better time? So here goes the first one (selected as first by the php random function), rainbow legs by ~missbecca. The colours are intense, the lines and forms are intense, the position is as perfect as could be…

But do i really need to write all this? Just watch and see and love.

Stripes and legs and stockings and girls

I had a note in my phone for a very long time, to remind me to write about a topic. I was reminded of it again, when someone commented on my favourite Maximum the Hormone song‘s Guitar Hero video, saying it’s “the best thing since women’s striped stockings”. Others say “striped socks turn me on”. I can’t help but agree… (I guess everyone has these “knacks”, and here i go coming out.) I browsed around deviantArt, and made a little collection of “instant love” pictures of the kind. For others interested in these most very delightful of women-wear, there is a specialised club on dA with a really nice (though naturally incomplete) collection. My collection is a bit in contrast with what i wrote about in the previous postthese pictures include most (probably all) of the possible positions to take photos of legs, and all are great. All. Period. I’m seriously considering posting each and every one of them on the blog just for the sake of it. At least then i would have the proper space and time to detail them, which of course i would love to do. Also, while browsing, i stumbled upon two more photos, which caught me. I guess way too many people would debate about one of them (and you know which one), to what i could only say that it has all needed. Who knows, maybe you’ll see more about those too later on. じゃね~

A rant

Now before the good parts i write about the bad, so that i could focus clearly on the beauty in the next post. It won’t stay secret for a long what it’s about–you can already check it out. To gather “material”, i was browsing deviantArt, and realised two (as for me) annoying kind of pictures. They are not annoying in the common sense, i just lack a better word. First are upside down pictures of a girl (typical example included). They usually seem really good. One is almost hesitating to click the favourite button, but just hesitate a bit longer. There are two choices: click that button, because the pic as it is probably worth it. Or you could give a try, and rotate it. A whole different world. Usually it’s not that much of a nice picture. Rather ordinary, or in many cases, the model is plain ugly. I couldn’t really believe my eyes when i first desecrated a photo like that, but that hundred eighty degrees of rotation can do wonders indeed.

The other one is related to socks’ or stockings’ photos. It’s probably only me, judging simply from the massive amount of such pictures, but i can’t stand photos from top. As seen in any example, these photos are (probably) taken by the girl herself (i at least very much hope that guys are not shooting such photos). The legs are in a few certain positions, probably considered very sexy, but from this angle, to me it’s just creepy. My idea of such photos is that the feet are closer to the camera or taken from the side. But not from the top. Never. Okay, hardly ever. There are counter-examples as well, but then those are simply breathtaking.



Solamente el viento :: Dmitry Chapala_f0089299_161224.jpg

via Yimmys Yayo


In the first class of friday the subject was the “te-form”. Whoever learned japanese probably knows that in the beginnings (and so far i’ve got, ever), this is the most difficult thing, because the last sounds of many verbs change a lot. Lucky enough i’ve learnt this by myself before, so not that much trouble. But Suzuki-sensei sang an interesting rhyme to remember the changes, something like the english abc-songs and stuff, to the tune of “Oh my darling Clementine”. I don’t know if i wanted to write more about that, but i put a note in my phone saying “Clementine”, to write about it. And since this as of yet doesn’t really worth posting, here comes a deviation, titled Sweet Clementine, by ~MissTrashyPants. Hope you like it.


Before coming to Japan, i managed to read Alice in Wonderland. It was great. It would be fun to have such a dream at least once in a while. It’s just so crazy… Now i only have another mad book to read: The Wizard of Oz.


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Every hungarian blogger seems to be a “cat person” except for me… (though Mefi‘s Kázmér indeed rocks.)

Street Survivors

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