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Despite waking up earlier than yesterday, at 2pm I was forced to realize that staying at home, my productivity drops drastically. I was so pretty determined to go outside, anywhere, for any reason, just for some change of air to set my mind in motion. However, I didn’t feel enthusiastic enough to go downtown again, and I don’t know any suitable cafes in the area either. I ended up with just walking (instead of cycling) to buy groceries.

It was worth it in more ways than one: first of all, I got to wear my new kilt again (I’d rather not ride my bicycle with that) and I found a pottery exhibition on the way.

阿久津雅土 展


Ha az emlékezetem nem csal, akkor a mi osztályunk még úgy indult általánosban, hogy “művészeti” tagozat (a másik volt a zenei). Nem tudom, hogy mennyire különbözött a tananyagunk a nem-művész iskoláktól, de arra emlékszem, hogy általánosban a kézimunka minden formája megvolt a szövéstől az agyagozásig.

Ettől mondjuk köztem és a művész fogalma között úgy annyi volt a közös, hogy a tánctanárunk (igen, volt néptánc óránk is) művészúrnak hívott (hinnye de rühelltem azt az embert).


Május közepén ez furcsa, de már itt van. Reggel fölébredtem egy légkalapácsra, majd még kétszer, de ma is, mint tegnap, sikerült ugyanabba az álomba visszaaludnom. Meg mentem venni köhögéscsillapítot és tejet. Meleg van, nyáriasan, gondoltam. Szólt a fülembe a 少女S, dúdolva tekertem a gyógyszertárig. Megcsapott egy illat, egy olyan, amit kilenc hónapja és négy napja nem éreztem: egy tó nyári illatát. Akkor ugye a Balaton volt, most a Lantok tava (琵琶湖), nagyjából tízezer kilométerre onnan. Ilyen napszemüveg pedig kell. (*Fealasy rajza)

Atleast it's summer

Bad news

Just as the title of ~TeenagePoliticsgreat photo says, it’s brining bad news: the end of the Series. A lovely end for sure. Lots of pink and stripes and socks, definitely worthy of being the ending piece of the Series. Of course this doesn’t mean i won’t be featuring any more photos from dA–i’ve been before, and i will be.



One before the last, this week’s episode of the Series: Security by ~adimus.


Work, work

Just as all the nice green orc peons say. Work, work. Today i want to finish at least two of my reports, and the powerpoint for my presentation. I hope i won’t end up like `aquasixio‘s character in Blowing Bubbles–at least not before i’m done.

Blowing Bubbles

Try to

Be different by =armene, the next one of the Series, which is nearing it’s end, and actually was inspired by this very photo, if i remember right. I really like the colors… i’m working on a design based on a scheme kuler made out of it, tweaked a bit.



Before going to sleep, i wanted to give this day something cheerful and nice, something that will warm me and you all up, something that could make me smile no matter how brain drained i am. So here comes the “twin picture” of from the white island, Move closer, of course again by ~st3fan3lboby. It’s exactly how it should be. She joins Stripes in the club of photo-perfect girls (meaning perfect among ones i have not met). This photo is teh love.

Move closer


Again, this week’s episode of the Series, this time it’s pink and black and toe and as close to perfection as could be, meaning i only know three better from my twenty years of experience. Stripes by ~possession really hits that button with “turn on” written on it.


Complementing the earlier rant, here goes a nice photo by *angelreich, of Hong Kong “greeting” people. Certain comments make it even funnier.