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Orsay exhibition in the National Art Center

Yesterday I went downtown Tokyo to see an impressionist exhibition from the Orsay in the National Art Center.

Orsay exhibition at the National Art Center


Despite waking up earlier than yesterday, at 2pm I was forced to realize that staying at home, my productivity drops drastically. I was so pretty determined to go outside, anywhere, for any reason, just for some change of air to set my mind in motion. However, I didn’t feel enthusiastic enough to go downtown again, and I don’t know any suitable cafes in the area either. I ended up with just walking (instead of cycling) to buy groceries.

It was worth it in more ways than one: first of all, I got to wear my new kilt again (I’d rather not ride my bicycle with that) and I found a pottery exhibition on the way.

阿久津雅土 展

Bloody Sabbath

My Saturday (nor the days following) was in no way shorter than my Friday. I started the day in Akihabara, checking out the lineup of airsoft shops. We’re going airsofting in Ibaraki with a bunch of colleagues on Sunday, so I looked around, tried out some guns at a shop with a test shooting range (fun as hell), and bought nothing. Gonna go back the day after tomorrow for some of the essentials, mostly protective gear.