My Saturday (nor the days following) was in no way shorter than my Friday. I started the day in Akihabara, checking out the lineup of airsoft shops. We’re going airsofting in Ibaraki with a bunch of colleagues on Sunday, so I looked around, tried out some guns at a shop with a test shooting range (fun as hell), and bought nothing. Gonna go back the day after tomorrow for some of the essentials, mostly protective gear.

After that I headed with two animator ladies to Kichijoji where I met up with Go, one of my clubmates from the university music club and a good friend, and went to the Anime+Art exhibition of a group of animators in the neighborhood. Spent a good while there just looking around and talking about art (on my part just trying to sound not-totally-ignorant).

Then, after 4 or so years I once again spent the evening in the hookah bar Aladdin, where we used to hang out quite often back in Gaidai. Go’s a big smoker, so it was quite interesting to see how someone like that reacts to a first-time hookah.

On the way home the last bus just left 10 minutes too early for me, so I had to go all the way around to Shinjuku and back on the Seibu line. Then slept all day next day.