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Brewdog Alice porter

Another from Brewdog’s lineup, and the first I post from my wonderful backlog of beer reviews. I’ve had notes for this beer taken almost two months ago, and now I revisited them as I grabbed another bottle of the brew. I have notes taken for a bunch more…

Brewdog Alice porter

Iwate Kurokura

I’ve had a few encounters with the Iwate Kura Beer series before, and after the red and gold, now comes the last: black.

Iwate Kurokura

Helios porter of the starlit sky

I’ll have porter if I may
It helps me keep content and happy

When it comes to the Okinawan brewery’s porter, I couldn’t agree more with the Clancy brothers.

Helios porter

Yo-Ho IDGAF seasonal imperial porter

This beer has a name that if it by chance appeared in an anime and it was translated, leechers would be raging at the subbers for trolling. It literally translates to “to the point: no one asked your preferences, sorry”. It’s a seasonal brand by Yo-Ho, and currently it’s a pretty extreme imperial porter.

IDGAF Porter

Craft beer in Ikebukuro

Saturday night. The party town of Ikebukuro. The craft beer and sake bar called 万事快調 (“all’s well”). Of course I forgot to take any pictures, so I just used the one from Tabelog.


Tokyo Black

A few years ago “dark beers” started showing up on the supermarket shelves in Japan. I think every major mass-market brewery has a porter-imitation brand, but Tokyo Black from Yo-Ho is a whole different world.

Tokyo Black