Yesterday was the day of the autumn Anime Con. This event is one of that few which worth travelling to Budapest to participate for me, and it always lives up to my expectations. The Sakura Party (which is the con in spring) was held in the Jövő Háza, but there were much more visitors than expected so the con building was not a bit full. This time the organizers chose a lot bigger building, the Petőfi Hall, which could welcome about 2500 people. And still, it was full too, though not as much as the Sakura Party.

About the con itself: it was fun and great as expected. The visitors could find everything they ever wanted to on the con, there were AMV shows, cosplay (cosplay is when people dress up as anime characters) contest, console gaming with anime-related games (the Bleach and Naruto fighting games were the best and most popular), karaoke singing, body painting and japanese calligraphy, card (mostly Yu-Gi-Oh) games and go (japanese table game), manga and DVD-shops, talks and other presentations, and if i’m right, there was a drawing contest too, though i couldn’t find the pictures anywhere =)… After the time i left (i had to catch the bus home =)), the party didn’t end, then begun talks with the dub actors (in japanese: seiyuu) and the manga publishers, also then was the announcment of the results of the cosplay and AMV contest and even later begun the afterparty. Together with that started the showing of the Final Fantasy: Advent Children movie, then of the two Hellsing OVA.

To sum it all up in one sentence: it was just as fun as the Sakura Party, so it was great and i could only advise anyone to come to next spring’s con!