Right now i’m reading The picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. It’s really a good story so far, though i’m only at the beginnings.

It has loads of very interesting thoughts and ideas that make people think even if they don’t want to – the other choice is that they don’t understand a single word. I think it’s natural then to choose thinking.

The story hasn’t really begun yet – or at least, that turning point hasn’t come yet after which you can only read, and nothing else. It’d be quite troubling if it’s totally left out, but that’s very unprobable seeing how very good it is to read it.

I will write more about it when i finish. It won’t take very long hopefully – not because it’s not good to read – i already cleared that it is – but because i would hate to not know how it ends for long.

Also, i have about five books that i still have to read until tuesday… =)