Today i wasn’t at school (learning hard for the philosophy final), but i had one lesson, after which i just spent one hour in a cafe. I’ve been working there too, on a novel i’m going to submit to a competition, but since i’ve been there, i had to buy someone. And because i was dead sleepy (i usually am nowadays) and thirsty, i decided to have a tonic and a cup of the strongest available coffee (i asked for it exactly this way). Half an hour after i drank it, i already realised that i’ll need to have another one to stay awake during the literary talk i attended later. So i had another round. This all took place between four and five pm, and i’m already very tired. Is that normal? According to my former experiences, i won’t feel less sleepy of coffee (though it did have such an effect in the long hours i needed to be paying close attention), but i couldn’t fall asleep. Fun. (See my tendency to finish the posts with a single-word “sentence”?)