Speechless. A bit hard to start writing a post, when i sit down in front of the keyboard, and look at the screen, and nothing comes across my mind. Some ancient and funny Pendulum-remix doom-dooms its way out of the speakers, and after a nine mile bikeride i’m “caught somewhere in time”. I’ve done a layout, that’s probably the future skin of all valerauko.net sites (most of which is not yet present, or not in the form they will be). It may end up an open-source content management system, since that’s exactly what i need. A small and powerful back-end, which can be converted virtually into anything using modules and plugins. This idea just popped out of my mind, but i think i could integrate my current blog plans into this script. Based PHP and MySQL, it’s going to be simple (as simple as could be), customisable (absolutely), powerful and fast (i hope). It’s not going to come out fast, i’m afraid… My summer is a bit stuffed already. I think i’ll only have free time in the end of August, i mean free time more than a day. I like it if i know what’s going to happen around me, but i don’t like it if i have no freedom, because everything’s planned, and each day has something to do. The next: math exam, monday.