My Windows died, out of nowhere. It’s not letting me log in. I enter the pass, then wait… and wait… and then reset and decide to try what i wanted under linux. Ubuntu says it couldn’t mount my drives, because the logs show that it’s in use, indicating unclean Windows shutdown. Sure it was unclean, but not that much that all (not just the system) ntfs drives would be locked. Force mount them, they work fine, no trouble. I can’t see anything wrong with the system drive either–last time i had such a problem, i accidentally created (due to a typo) a directory named “Documents And Settings” (capital A), which confused Win. But now there’s no such. At least, not apparent.

What might be important: before shutting down the last (then working) session of Windows, i wanted to run an AdAware scan, but it crashed. I wanted to check if i had a virus but it’s not that easy installing an antivirus program with the most recent database under Ubuntu–with direct net access it would be, but my laptop couldn’t connect, because Ubuntu can’t handle my wireless network card. I’m right now trying to update the ClamAV database, and then run the scan on my drives. Maybe. (Though it shouldn’t find anything: after downloading something i always make eTrust AV scan it–and that thing won most of the antivirus tests i’ve read.)

Edit 17:40

It turned out that the AdAware service couldn’t start, and that made the logon hang. Logged on onto the command line safe mode, and managed to figure out what the problem was, so at logging on normally i could evade it using alt-tab, then uninstall the whole thing. It works fine.