Lately i’ve been using foobar2000. Don’t ask me why—there’s no particular reason. When i was using Winamp back for years, i was perfectly fine with that too. And so i am now. There are a few features in both that i’d miss. For example, foobar has very clever tools for tagging and renaming masses of music, which came pretty handy when i reorganised my library in the winter break. Foobar can also ping without needing any plugin or such, while i’d need to install something to do that with Winamp. But Winamp can instantly burn music cds, with it i can put music on my mp3 player, and a lot more than else ways, because i can make it transcode them if the quality’s too high—since i mostly use that gadget when i’m outside, there’s no need for extreme high quality, but file size does matter (it’s an 1 gig Creative MuVo, in case you haven’t read me back in summer 2007). Also, i have a totally legal pro licence for Winamp.

Why do i still use foobar then? No reason (maybe the thing being the only point). I think i’ll use them what they’re fit to. I’ll categorise, organise and manage my collection mostly with foobar, while exporting will remain Winamp’s job. For playback i’ll use whichever i first start. It doesn’t matter. For opening any kind of media file (audio and video) i still have VLC as default, because it’s dead annoying when accidentally opening a file resets my carefully built playlist (sadly foobar doesn’t open a new playlist for that—in Winamp that’s not even a question, as there can’t be more than one playlist open at a time).