I’d rather not give the title “plans” to any more posts. First, there are already way too many such, second, those “plans” are rathermore dreams, as i somehow never manage to follow them. But now i have a break (yesterday was my last exam in this semester) until february 10th, and i want to spend it well. I have to code a lot. I really want to finish a project that i kind of dropped many times before just to start it again and again. It’d be a great reference and it’ll be useful for others too. Now i have time for it and i’ll take it seriously. I’ll try, at least. It seems i’ll also have another project, an online typography magazine, it’ll be very interesting for sure, though yet i don’t really know any details about it.

I plan to finish at least Ulysses (but hopefully more) and start learning languages again. I’ll have to practice japanese a lot again, since in the spring i’ll start my studies in Japan, but i also want to refine my german and learn as much spanish as i can (i think i won’t really have much time for these later).

That’s about all… Now i start coding. Imagine it as if i had to fill an empty pool with water out of nowhere. A challenge.