Last friday (among others) was the day also for a movie, a new japanese movie titled カイジ·人生逆転ゲーム, Kaiji in short (the above “Gambling apocalypse Kaiji” is the “official english title in japan”, no comment). That’s the name of the main character as well, by the way. Also, that main character is played by 藤原竜也 (Fujiwara Tatsuya), the guy who played Shuya in the Battle Royale movie and Light from Death note. No surprise he seemed so familiar… This time he’s playing a supposedly everyday guy, who has a serious problem with gambling. In addition to hoping to win huge piles of money on lottery tickets, he has problems with controlling himself after losing, hitting and kicking cars and stuff. Then once everything turns out bad, and he has to gamble for his life. That’s about the first two minutes of the movie, but the remaining parts are not much different. As usual with any japanese entertainment product, be it anime, manga, book or whatever, the central point in the plot is how Kaiji grows up and matures. For some reason though, he doesn’t really get the message of the first one and half hour of the movie: don’t gamble. Of course there’s also a multi-chillionaire, who apparently has a fetish (japanese tradition) for life-and-death games, and beside him half-mad CO’s and sadist servants. The whole thing is very japanese, but if someone doesn’t have a problem with that, it’s really entertaining.