It sucks. It’s not normal right, having something like a culture shock after half a year, but well, i can’t really find any better word for this. It’s very annoying. The working methods. At home you had to think, to understand what you were working on, and those who don’t care about social contacts just their precious work are considered low. Nerds. Geeks. Freaks. But here, people who i’ve never seen out of school, although we live in the same dorm for half a year, who’re always either in the classroom studying, or their room studying, those who memorize everything word by word and probably have trouble using it even if just the context is different, but of course for the exam they know all the words, all the stroke orders, all the grammar structures and math formulae by heart, here those people are the first. And what sucks the most, that here this thing works. I think, this is what one can consider a culture shock.