Absolutely unrelated to anything, today a nice guy pissed me off totally. It was a nice day. I watched How i met your mother (season two, episode twenty), slept well, woke up, reviewed today’s kanji, did well on the test (one stupid mistake only), had a good lunch, and exceptionally managed to finish the math problems well before time. Then i decided i need hand cream (fingers very dry), so bought that and a pack of throat candy just in case, in the pharmacy-ish shop, where i went by bike. On the way back, i saw a military helicopter (looked like these), which i couldn’t really understand. Then it disappeared out of sight… And then.

There was a delivery service car on the pavement, two guys just getting out of it. They stepped aside as i neared, i nodded thanks, and then, i just heard one of them saying “邪魔だよ” (roughly “you’re in the way”, not really nice). By the time i realised i what he was saying, i was already past them, and my japanese swearing skills are still not high enough to answer with an appropriate curse quick enough, so i just swore at them in hungarian, quite elaborately, emphasizing mostly on their parents’ ancient occupations. Seriously. Obviously he was thinking i don’t understand what he’s saying, as i’m pretty apparently a foreigner. Asshole.

(And please don’t start telling me all the meanings of the phrase from the “三千年前の中国” (China three thousand years ago), explaining how it’s not that offensive, the way he was saying it in itself would’ve worth a healthy smash in the face.)

But for now, change of subject, working on the pol-eco paper/presentation till drop dead.