On the 27th of november i went to a concert in Shibuya O-EAST, again. (Same place as the Opeth gig.) This time it was Sex Machineguns, and it was great as expected.

To start with the only bad point in the whole night, it was extremely overamplified, as usual, so i ended up stuffing tissues in my ear. (After the other Machineguns gig in may, i couldn’t hear with my left ear for three days…)

And that’s all the bad points: in every other aspect, the concert The 冠 (Kanmuri) and Sex Machineguns did was simply great.

The 冠 was the support band, and the singer 冠徹弥 wore really… unique clothes, which later on was the subject of many jokes by the Machineguns. The 冠 played fast and melodic metal, a load of catchy songs and a really strange sense of humour from the frontman (i couldn’t realize when he was joking and when serious).

Then came the switch to the Machineguns, who played 14 songs in total and in the finale two more together with The 冠. They played the songs i really like from them, like 食べたいなめたい危険地帯 or ファミレスBomber. They also played many songs from their new 45°↗ album.

The concert was great and great. Thanks to Hiro, i was a guest, getting in free. There was some pro wrestler as well in the crowd, but i don’t remember his name (it seemed to be some really big deal). ‘Twas a really good friday night.