I’ve no idea what i was doing there, but all those strange and really ancient looking animals seemed peaceful. Well, maybe except for the blue tiger, or panther, or whatever, looking like a sabretooth. I decided to settle down near a creature looking like a rhino, sleeping-resting on a bit of an elevated platform. I sat down at the edge of the platform, looking at the animals walking around at our and at a lower level. I could again see the big blue cat moving smooth and gentle on the slope to our level. As it disappeared back from my peripheral vision, i decided not to be afraid just look and wonder at the beauty around me. After a while i could feel something coming close from behind, then suddenly i could feel the weight and see the blue beauty of two huge paws on my shoulders. There was no hostility in her and my fear was gone in an instant. She whispered something in my ears, and i could feel her changing into something more humanoid, though with a still feline form, with long blue hair. She hugged me and i woke up.

I was walking in a dark corridor of a familiar building, at least i felt it was familiar, although i couldn’t recall where or how i knew it. Two little cats accompanied me. Both looked exactly like my idea of The Cat, and were really nice and helpful. That was when my six years’ collection of National Geographic magazines decided to fall off the shelf. I didn’t fall asleep again.