Today i ran out of Gold Coast, so i went and bought a new pack. Of a new type, Ethiopia Sidamo. As the name suggests, it’s an arabica coffee from the horn of Africa, exactly from that one province of Ethiopia.

It’s strong. It has a very characteristic coffee-bitter taste, a good smokiness, and i hope a lot of caffeine, because i have to “wake up”. Its steam smells exactly how i’d imagine the smell of roasted flowers. It doesn’t have a thick body, but because of the strength mentioned earlier, i don’t miss it either. The ground coffee has a very, really very strong fresh smell. Actually, its smell carries the message “i’ll kick you high”, and it seems to be true. The whole coffee is fresh, strong and springy, and i like that.

I get the feeling that i’ll really like this one, maybe as much as my grand favourite Italian roast.