It’s been interesting to watch what brings the most visitors to the blog. Some stuff show up even though i’m around page fifteen in the search results, some don’t, although i’m first. According to Analytics, my top content:

  • the root: the opening page of the blog, always with the newest posts and stuff. This page i guess gets the most hits from referrals, not from search.
  • about hungarian language exams: apparently lots of people are interested in taking hungarian language exams of various levels, and my post compiled after roughly ten minutes of googling seems to rate better in search engines than official exam center websites
  • anime movies: the third, fourth and sixth places of the list are taken by posts about anime movies. In order: Naruto Shippuuden Bonds (Kizuna), the first Naruto Shippuuden movie and the first Rebuild of Evangelion movie (You are not alone). Glad you like those posts.
  • Chronflow: the missing fifth is my post about Chronial’s cool coverflow plugin for foobar2000 and how to solve a few annoying problems related to it (though i can’t do anything about its memory use).
  • the 2009 january archive: i seriously have no idea why this gets so many hits. I looked at the search stats, but no details on that. It’s some of the pics used there, as most of the hits originate from Google image search sites.
  • about language abusers: my rant about people who simply can’t type, are dumb like shit hell and don’t even realise. I really have an urge to laugh when people don’t understand the purpose of that post.
  • on japanese music: my little compilation of a few japanese bands i knew and liked back then. I still mostly only listen to those bands when it comes to japanese music, with a few newcomers (like Ellegarden) and changes in balance (such as High and Mighty Color rating much higher).
  • Glamour Pinball tips: my guide to the Nokia game Glamour Pinball. I can’t use that phone here in Japan, so i’m totally off the game now. (No games on jap phones.) Glad you find my tips useful.