Totally worn out after playing dota all night, meaning not a second of sleep, only a cup of coffee keeping me alive as i gather strength to finish my packing and clear my room of all the unnecessary junk. True, the chances of me cleaning my room totally before moving out are limited to choices including significant amount of capital being transferred in a defined time interval onto my bank account. But for now, i have everything i need in my sleepwalking state: coffee, music (though the plug converter for my laptop is dying, so i’ll have to buy that as well when i’m going shopping for electronics—i need a mini amp and a few batteries) and boxes to pack in. Okay, i lack one: space. It’s really hard to move around with my usual chaos and the boxes and the suitcase and the last laundry drying and… Oh well. I guess i should just focus there instead of wasting time online, reading random blogs, being coma-hyper because of the coffee a few minutes ago, and… work, work.