After i read the Evangelion manga (after arriving to Hikone and taking a walk around town), i got bored and decided to go for another walk. This time i had some target, i wanted to find the famed Sukiya of the town. I managed to, had a cheese don, but it was quite adventurous. First, i headed out at half past nine, quite dark, and a small town like this, on a rainy sunday night, is totally deserted and silent. I could say i got lost, but let’s just put it like i was discovering a new place. I walked kind of all the way to the next station (Hikone south), though i didn’t realise this that time.

I’ve seen a great bunch of shops (Daikichi instead of Sankichi) and stuff, so i get the feeling i won’t be lacking much other than luxury and computers (both i’d buy elsewhere anyway), once i will have money for anything but life, since i’m already on a quite tight budget, and i will have to manage surviving till the next scholarship while paying all the entrance and books and stuff for the university, which will cost a few Yukichi, i’m afraid.