Tomorrow the new Ubuntu LTS will be released. It’s at L already, this release is called, or will be called, or whatever, Lucid Lynx. (I still remember how “funny” it was when i asked my english teacher at the exam preparation class what the “dapper” of Dapper Drake means… no idea why, though.) I can’t wait to try it out. My laptop is quite old, and it’s really funny how everyone’s surprised that i’m still using XP. At first i didn’t get what’s the problem with it, then i realised that XP was released a decade ago… True, but. In my eyes Vista doesn’t count as an operating system, and i just don’t like the way 7 looks, so i had no temptation to try it out. Also, i tweaked my XP quite well. But truth is, it’s getting slow. Although with Ubuntu i’m confident my machine will still be sufficiently fast, i can foresee the purchase of a new laptop this year. The only problem is i either have to buy it online or when i go home, because i have no intentions to suffer with a japanese language os. Nor their keyboard layout (it’s a nightmare). I will get a laptop, neither a desktop or a netbook, because laptops have what i need: mobility, decent screen size and basic gaming capabilities (i will play StarCraft 2 for sure, if nothing else until WarCraft 4).

And if i’m already at buying stuff: a new mp3 player. I don’t need a fancy video-capable media-jukebox. I need a small and simple player, with hardly anything but a play button and volume settings and a screen to show the title of the song playing. I don’t want an iPod, just as i don’t want a MacBook for my laptop, an iPad for my tablet or an iPhone for my phone. I’m creeped out by the zealous fandom of Apple, whatever quality they produce. Rather stick with Asus for laptop, wait for Microsoft’s Courier as tablet, see an Android or Windows Phone based gadget as my phone (if i were to get rid of my satisfactory Samsung compact), though i’m quite lost with what for music player. I’m fine with anything above 1 gigabyte of space, that can be scrobbled for Any ideas?