Recently i was asked many times about my names. For a very long time now, online i’ve only used valerauko and its variants. Where does it come from?

On the previous versions of my website, when there were other contents as well, not only the blog (kind of a JKaizer-ripoff way), there was a page about why i’m Vale and what it means. But that page is no more, so i have to write it down again (except if i wanted to search through all my backup cd’s, where it could be).

My brother had a PlayStation, and i played a lot on it. Mostly Tomb Raider 3 and Colin McRae Rally, when i was alone. The equivalent of my real name Bálint in english is Valentine (unlike Artemis of the Fowl kid, it’s meant to be a male name, meaning strong and healthy). And if it’s english, i was trying to type that as my nick in Colin MyRae Rally, but i accidentally hit start after “vale”. That’s how i became Vale.

About the longer version, valerauko (or as in a few of my oldest usernames, valerauka). If someone is familiar with the Tolkienian elvish quenya language, the word valarauka has a meaning. In sindarin, it became balrog. (The huge fiery demon in Moria, that’s a balrog.) It only took to change a vowel, and valarauka became valerauka. That was the first stage. Then it changed again to valerauko. I don’t really know why anymore, i guess with the -o ending, which is typically male in slavic languages, it matches more.

I had other usernames too, earlier, but if you are able to find one of those, i’d be pretty surprised.