I had time to sleep, no classes today. Because there are too many holidays on mondays, there wouldn’t be enough monday classes in this semester, so today’s considered monday at the university. In my case this means a four day weekend… And thanks to this freedom i don’t feel all that ashamed that after my alarm went off at eight i just couldn’t wake up enough to get out of my bed until ten. Though even like this i slept less than seven hours, i feel totally refreshed, and after my breakfast coffee (still the mandheling) my energy is on a long time top. Actually, that’s probably the reason i started writing. And here i am writing about why i’m writing, and now again. This morning browsing around twitter reminded me how these community services change the way you use them. It’s supposed to be about writing your statuses, but very quickly it turns into some kind of self-marketing and/or chat platform for most. That’s one point why i like blogs more: they are harder to change into something like that. Also, they contain more interesting and longer contents.

I think i’ll get a job.