Today was the nomikai for the university music club. Started at four-thirty, i just arrived home. First the nomikai in some great pub in northern Hikone, where all the introductions and lots of drinking took place. Even some amazing 96 percent (190 proof) alcohol, the polish rectified spirit appeared—and of course i can’t miss such a chance to experience a raw material like that. Fine taste, but burns. As that ended, we went for karaoke to the same place as last friday and had a lot of fun till half past eleven. Then with a few other guys we headed for a quick Sukiya dinner and i’m home now. My cold’s getting better, though i still have to gargle with my home cure every now and then if i don’t want my cough to kill me.

Tomorrow will be about studying, given i can finally manage to wake up in normal time, as i have quite plenty to do… Not to mention after such a light week i really should get back into work pace. Especially since the music club events start from tuesday, so except for the wednesday soccer (which is a must-go from now on) i won’t really have that much free time anymore i’m afraid.

Ad 1. The K-On! anime seems to be great.

Ad 2. The past and current prime minister of Hungary, Orbán Viktor is a soccer star.