June 22, 7 pm was the start of a great event at CLUB QUATTRO in Nagoya. Although due to school schedules i was late by roughly twenty minutes, i could still catch a few songs of the support band Supe. They played the same kind of music that Story of the Year played later, but i simply don’t know its genre. It’s a great genre for sure, a mix of In Flames and Sum 41, or something along those line, i hope you get my drift. The thing is, gigs of this kind tend to be great. Great. Although Rancid is not of that kind, their speedy music is what made their live in Tokyo so great, and i probably need not say how fantastic In Flames was.

Even though i had no idea what Supe was, after their performance i was seriously considering buying their album as an act of good faith. They played great.

And after a short brake came the main event of the night, Story of the Year. To be honest, i don’t know Story of the Year but for a single song (Wake up).

Their looks were quite mixed. Tattoos mixed with absolutely nerdy outfits, i was a bit unsure of what to think when they appeared on stage, only hoping that Wake up is not their only good song. It isn’t. Story of the Year threw a roughly 100 minute grand party of fifteen songs (see setlist later) with friendly jokes inbetween.

I have never seen japanese people go wild like this on a live, except our club live fest two weeks ago, where we really had no restraints. I wasn’t expecting anything like moshing or bodysurfers, just the usual japanese style metal live. Not really. As soon as Story of the Year hit the stage, they started going crazy, and in five minutes i realized that i came to the right place. I love this kind of wild party, and finally i had my share that i was missing so much since In Flames. And there was hardly any rest during the whole gig, i was totally exhausted by the time it ended. (And had bruises all over me, a measure of a “good gig” in my sense, and this measure says it was great.)

Great live, you missed a lot if you missed it. Oh, the Story of the Year setlist (as i wrote earlier, i don’t know their songs, so i have no idea which’s an abbreviation or stuff like that, just copy from the paper):

Hero, Failing, Antidote, OTIN, Ghost, Anthem, Take me back, Stereo, Children sing, Wake up (hell yeah, it was the only song i knew), The dream, Shadows, Fate, Sidewalks, UTDID.