you’re not MySQL. You’re SomeoneElse’sSQL.

I don’t get this. Linux was supposed to be the ideal operating system for servers. And yet, on Windows it takes roughly two clicks to download and install for example EasyPHP to get a working AMP (Apache-MySQL-PHP) server, while on linux…

The whole reason i had to reinstall Ubuntu was that the MySQL update would always hang, so would any attempt to remove it, thus blocking all other updates and virtually any installations as well. Definitely not fun. And now MySQL is haunting me again.

It’s really supposed to be simple. Install Apache, install MySQL, install PHP. So far it’s easy, three consecutive sudo apt-get install commands and there i go. Quick edit in the Apache config file, and my web folder is already online. PHP working out of the box. But not MySQL.

Just after the installation i vaguely recall being able to start it once in an attempt to test it (through command line). Then i exited, changed the data folder to the one shared with Windows and since then, no MySQL. Of course i made a backup copy of the default my.cnf, but reverting back to that didn’t help either.

I’m using Ubuntu Lucid Lynx, everything up to date. The mysql command returns with error 2002 stating it can’t connect through the specified socket. True, the file (/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock) doesn’t exist, but creating it didn’t help either.

The command start mysql seems to hang, at least it doesn’t output anything or do anything apparent. But service mysql start says the service is already running, and after that start mysql says the same as well.

The mysql module does not load in php, even though as far as i know it’s built into php5. I did try installing php5-mysql package as well, without any effect. In /etc/php5/conf.d there are MySQL ini files.

This was supposed to be simple. This was supposed to be working. I don’t consider myself better than any linux noob out there, but i’d expect something more from MySQL than a non-responsive unusable installation. Now i’d appreciate some help.