I got all the relevant exam papers from the past two years today. I’ll check all of them, and of course learn from them. But more urgent than that, study for the thursday bookkeeping exam. I have to get good results… And although i feel like i get it, so did i feel the same before (and after) the previous exams as well, yet see the results…

Today we practiced for the tomorrow english speech exam. It’s going to be interesting. I don’t really care about my own grade, i mean, it’s obvious that Ia and me can pretty much chat till doomsday in english, but the others… I guess i understand the motivation of teachers to bear with the students. It feels great to help with whatever i can.

Also, we were talking about what bands to do in the autumn season, and it seems we’ll be doing a few. A Slipknot copy (with death masks and all) together with the other faculty’s people (me on vocals, so far) and probably a classic heavy metal and/or punk band with the local folk. Hope to get a guitar post there.

For the first one, i grabbed the last Slipknot album to get more familiar with their stuff, and it’s quite good. And straining to sing for sure, but fun as well. And i was reading about Dream Theater for some reason, when i came across the name of Rush again. So i got their 2112 album too. Nice classic rock.

And today i did the translation of the second episode of Digimon Xros Wars. Sub coming soon from OnlineDigimon.