I thought this night worths a separate post, it was really funny. I was staying at CamCam, where i returned after i finished my sightseeing trip. That was when i realised that my watch stopped sometime during the day, that’s why the sun was setting at two pm.

But of course when i realised that it’s six pm and not three, i suddenly got hungry. I didn’t feel like going to the same cheap place as the day before, so instead i headed for the main street to eat something with agu, the local pork. But after walking for like ten minutes there, and all restaurants were expensive and the advertisers on the street didn’t even try to invite me in, i got pissed and went to a small famiresu i passed on the way earlier.

I sat down to the great surprise of the owner-bartender and ordered the most filling-looking item from the menu (again to his great surprise that i could read the japanese menu). While i was eating friends of his dropped in and started drinking and talking. I didn’t leave (on intention) after finishing my meal, so it wasn’t long until i was part of the conversation too, and even got snacks and drinks (awamori-water 1:1 mix). It’s always astonishing how quickly japanese can get insanely drunk.

Later a lady dropped in as well, apparently the girlfriend of one of the men, and by the looks of it, the madam of a hostess bar. Soon the probably loudest of the men said to me, in that typical dead-drunk voice, “hey yo foreigner, let’s go drinking”. I answered “sure hell yeah” without thinking. So me and two of them went to a bar that seemed to be run by them, at least everyone around there were former schoolmates. The daughter of the barmaid, looking three years younger than me while three years older, was, is and probably will be astonishingly hot. Also, they made me sing a song on the karaoke.

Anyway, after a while i spent chatting with the ladies and drunk guys murmuring to each other, they (the guys) decided it’s time to move on. Although the personnel at this place were really nice company, we moved on, and the next place turned out to be the bar of the lady from earlier. It was empty, but for us. One of the guys fell asleep immediately, and i had a nice argument with the other guy about racism. I got the feeling that although my japanese is quite limited when it comes to such topics, it wasn’t me who didn’t have any idea of what the other was talking about (and looking at the lady behind the bar, it was not my fault). She seemed to have experience with drunk men, as it became obvious to her at first sight that i wasn’t near as drunk as my company, so after a few glasses of awamori-water mix, she put a shot of whiskey in front of me, then a tequila and then a vodka. Actually i surprised myself i didn’t get as bad as the other two.

The sleeping guy went home after that, and while the other guy worked hard to get down the stairs, i helped the lady dump the trash and close the bar. But our trip was not over yet. We went to another bar full of old people (really, by the looks of it, all guests were over 70, lucky there was like five of them), where we spent another while drinking, eating snacks and talking. And listening to the elderly (and i) sing romantic songs from like 40 years ago on the karaoke (or in my case, Aqua Timez – that’s probably the only non-anime japanese pop song i like to sing). This was the end… A while after that guy fell asleep too, we left and the lady (i forgot her name, shame on me) and i caught a taxi, and in a few minutes i was back in the guesthouse.

Where drinking and chatting continued till long, but my memories are blurred (by sleepiness of course, it was like three am at that time).

Now this is how you’re supposed to spend a great night without paying (i only paid for my meal at the famiresu and the few beers back at the guesthouse).