I first started watching Toradora! when it started airing, but then it just wasn’t interesting enough to watch. But this spring a girl from the music club said she was watching it, reminding me too. In the summer break, before heading off to my journeys, i managed to watch it all.

It was… Strange. Obviously, after watching loads of anime the final pairings get more or less clear in the very first episode, and with that, for me the anime gets more tense, since it’s a story between a startpoint i’m at and not infinity, but a known (or thought to be known) endpoint. It’s drama, and it’s funny, and it’s highschool. Crazy life, that i’m pretty sure doesn’t exist anywhere but anime (not in Japan for sure) with loads of hilarious but at the same time very touching situations. And we can see bonds forming and disappearing.

It was nice. I didn’t even pay attention to details like graphics or music–the character designs and the story were enough. After i finished it, i felt strangely down, but i guess that’s just natural from a single guy watching a romantic anime.

Also, the Suzumiya fan i am, i just had to use the pic above, from Drunk Weeaboo. Of course there’s no Hare hare yukai dance in Toradora.