I can’t even recall when i finished Samurai Champloo, yet another masterpiece by the creator of Cowboy Bebop, Watanabe Shinichiro. It must’ve been sometime back in the middle of august…

Yet, just as its older brother, Samurai Champloo is great. As Cowboy Bebop mixes blues with space and western, so mixes Samurai Champloo historical Edo period Japan with modern city underworld and hip-hop. As expected, both the graphics and the music of the anime is of insane quality. Fantastic puns and jokes, hilarious situations often burst into amazing fight scenes and/or tear-jerking drama parts.

The story is very well designed too. Through the loosely connected episodes of the heroes’ journey, a story worthy to be compared to a classical full-length novel unveils. In the meanwhile, sometimes strikingly harsh realities and brutal but just philosophies appear. And however matching this description is to Cowboy Bebop, i’m talking about Samurai Champloo, and despite these similarities, while watching it, it doesn’t feel like a “little brother” or successor, but a creation of great value.

Something you really should watch.

Above image from The Futile Podcast