Gaiman’s Sweeper of Dreams should either do his job properly and sweep it all out or let me remember it long enough so that i can write it down properly. Remembering the fact that i had a cool dream and nothing else is plain torture.

What i remember is that you’d get something like my dream tonight if you took the kanshu of World Embryo, Nagato Yuki from the SOS Brigade, Kobasen from the Law of Ueki and the style of Fairy Tail all in reality. I wasn’t there in body, just as “the camera”. There was this little girl who has powers, i don’t know exactly what, but at least in certain places she could trigger something like a closed space that Haruhi so loved to create. There was also the Nagato-style girl, who the other girl fought and defeated earlier and couldn’t speak. There was (i think) a guy too, much like Ueki’s Mr. K.

I only remember the very last part of the dream, in the night on some abandoned mountainside parking lot. It was the very same place where the girls fought long before. The girl prepared for the “swipe”, the Nagato-girl clang on her arm so she asked “do you want to come along too?” The next is a full-fledged battle between the girl and something that looked as if the D-Reaper infested a kanshu and took Nagato as an example for body.

Then i woke up.