After two years, again i have listened to Neil Gaiman reading his Graveyard Book on tour. It’s just as i remembered it, and more. Gaiman’s works are just like Harry Potter books have always been for me: start reading it (or in this case listen to it), and i can’t stop for a while after. Remember how i couldn’t put down the Deathly Hallows the first time i went home? Much like that. No matter how i know the whole story, remember it to the last bit, it still makes me read it again. And again, and again.

This time, i recognized things i may have not recognized at first listening, clues and winks out at other works. After reading a bunch of Gaiman’s Lovecraftian stories, i have no doubt that Ghûlheim was earlier called R’lyeh…

I also have no doubt that this book will be fun no matter how many times i listen to Neil reading it or me myself reading it once i have the funds to buy and a place to put all the books i want (the number of which is insanely high).

I hope they’ll make a good movie out of it. Sure to watch it once it comes out (rumoured to hit the cinemas next year).