Today we had a club meeting after long, and beside the Rancid it seems i’ll be taking part in a Iron Maiden copy as well. This doubled my total song count. (Up to no good, Fall back down and Out of control from Rancid and Mother Russia, Wildest Dreams and The Fallen Angel from Iron Maiden).

And after countless times of fruitless asking, i finally managed to get the date of the ski trip out of the office people: 14-17th this month. It’s a bit troublesome because for 14th we planned the farewell party of the korean girl in the club (who also lives in the dorm), and i have plenty to do there, so i only hope it’s like late night departure and i’ll be able to be there at the party. If not, now that’s not going to be nice i’m afraid.

Also, with this decided, i have all that i need to know about my spring break—now the only thing left is to figure out how i’ll be able to pay moving to the new apartment, especially considering it’ll be bare empty, so i’ll have to buy everything for myself (from something to sleep on to something to cook on). I’ll have two concerts to enjoy and one to also perform, i’ll have a ski trip, i’ll have to go to renew my visa, i’ll have to move… And i still have heaps of anime to translate.