I’m doing plenty of translations for a bunch of groups, but i still don’t feel satisfied. I want to be the first, which is of course a naive idea with Crunchy rip groups like Horrible out there, ruining the fun for the nice people like us. It works with Xros Wars, even though i don’t have a raw to work from, thanks to the chinese releasing their subs pretty fast. It works with Yumekui that i do for WoF because with next-day translations the hungarian market can be satisfied.

We were talking with iMon about what should we be doing next season, since i’m already occupied now with Gosick for Tokimeki, Xros Wars, and the rest for WoF, but it still turns out that if i want my translations to be the first out there for people to download and use, that needs hell of a team. I can do translation well enough (being immodest, because who cares), iMon can do typesetting and encoding, but that still leaves us short of at least a timer and if possible an editor. In case of Xros Wars, i’m doing timing myself, but i’m not good at it, neither am i fast, so it’s not really what you’d call ideal.

For the next season we were planning to do Ao no Exorcist and Steins;Gate. If you feel like joining our fun as timer or editor, and you can work fast yet good, please contact me. Or iMon.