The two of us were standing on the wasteland.

‘We should start running’ one of us said, i don’t know which one, but considering that buildings came flying at us, that is the least of my concern. Running, we looked back over our shoulders.

‘Hey, isn’t that the Tokyo Tower?’

‘Yeah, i guess it is.’

We ran even faster, then it crashed down behind me, the very top of the tower just scratching my elbow. Yeah, the earthquake was so bad that the Tokyo Tower flew out of town, right in our direction.

I’m not sure anymore if the stadium that was supposed to be the Saitama Super Arena was thrown there by the earthquake too or it was there to begin with, but we took shelter there. There was like a dozen or so people in there, japanese as well, some from the table tennis club at Gaidai. Everyone was speaking the same language, i guess hungarian, but i wouldn’t bet a larger sum on that.

Hell of a dream i had again.