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Deadman Wonderland manga

After feeling a bit disappointed with the first four episodes of the Deadman Wonderland anime, i decided to check whether the manga is any better. It is.

A lot, and i mean a lot darker than the anime so far, hell a lot of crazy grins and madness and blood and gore, though i’m not sure if Ganta is actually a more bearable character there or just in a manga it’s easier to ignore his whining. (I remember the Crow telling him “you still cry too much”. So true.)

And although most of the storyline is quite predictable, the main twist still remains hell of a twist. Problem is, according to what little i could find about the anime, it’ll be just 12 episodes, which is enough for like nothing of the story to be unfolded. Especially considering that 4 of those are already gone… I guess they’ll just leave out the main twist, and stop the story midway.

I’d appreciate it so much more if with manga still in production, especially slow monthly ones (cf, Ao no Exorcist, Yumekui Merry, Deadman Wonderland), they’d wait more before making it into some half-assed anime remake with a well-whatever level of story.

World Embryo

Saturday morning i was just downloading my usual dose of Bleach and Naruto manga from MangaShare, when on the first page the featured manga caught my eye. It looked awesome. (Since then i just go to the front page and reload a couple of times to see if something interesting pops up, eg that’s how i learnt about To-Love-Ru.) It was called World Embryo, and it’s great. And quite difficult to find, because it’s already licensed in the States. (That means most of the manga sites take it down, claiming i could buy it. Yeah, i could, almost as easily, as from Japan.) But after looking around and searching and a bit of luck i found most of the chapters on MangaHelpers. (If you download there, don’t forget to click “thanks!”)

The story is great. There’s a mysterious infection spreading through electromagnetic waves that turns people into monsters called kanshu and those trying to stop them and find the source of the infection, NEFT, their “annexed department” FLAG, but mostly and only jinki users. There’s also a cocoon. The graphics are fantastic, and altogether it’s one of the best manga i’ve ever read.

Luck it’s still ongoing. Bad luck is though that chapters are not released weekly but monthly, but who cares, as long as the quality’s so great! By the way, the mangaka is the same Moriyama Daisuke, who did Chrno Chrusade.

Olyan jaó (sic)

Osztályfőnökünk (humorból és bizonyos mennyiségű alkoholos ital után) mondta mindig ilyen (adott helyzetben kifejezett mulatságos) kiejtéssel, hogy jaó. De most tényleg, sikerült ezt a napot eddig jól megcsinálnom, pedig nem is csináltam semmit. Csak mangát olvastam – megijedtem (ezt mondjuk mindig ly-al akarom írni), mert a Bleach úgy halad, mintha gyanúsan hamar vége akarna lenni. Ami mondjuk azt jelenti, hogy talán egy-két évig még húzza, de aztán meg bezár a bazár. Úgyhogy regisztráltam MangaShare-re, és elkezdtem mangát gyűjteni. Mostanáig a Kure-nai-ba fogtam bele, ami új, és újra elkezdtem a Suzumiyát, elejétől – az első kötet felénél tartok most. Délután még melózgatok, ha ahhoz lesz kedvem, vagy mangát olvasok, ha ahhoz, de most először is elmegyünk biliárdozni, mert az jó.


This morning i read the new Naruto and Bleach manga from MangaShare as usual. I expected these chapters to be shocking (as usual), but not to the extent they actually were. Events are speeding up, in both. Bleach was very action-packed in the past… Umm… Okay, so as long as i’ve been reading the manga, it was very action-packed. But it’s just fantastic how that switch back to the hundred-year-ago events turned out to be… Turned out to be… Turned out to be just as cool as the present. Or even more. I don’t plan to spoil anyone here, so i rather shut up. Things are getting together. I hope this won’t mean the end of Bleach—i’m way too addicted to survive that. The Naruto, on the other hand, was a bit silent in the past few chapters. Just talking, and it wasn’t much different this time either, with a huge difference: a decision has been made. A decision that’s probably a harbringer of war. And amazing cool fights. Some people in there (in both series) are strong so much, that it’s just not fair. Can’t wait til next weekend.


I’m seriously thinking about writing an e-mail like “dare kill Nel and i’ll kill you” to Kubo Tite. Jokin, naturally, but she’s my favourite character by far. If she wasn’t a she, i’d use her as an avatar. This way, i’m undecided between keeping this avatar, turning back to use the Grimmjow Jägerjaques one, and making a new one. I wonder.


Late night there was such a thunderstorm, that … well, i’ve never seen such before. There was no rain, purely the electric rage of the clouds: usually rain follows almost each lightning, but not now. The wind blew like crazy and tried to tear off every single leaf of every single tree (luckily it failed to do so). It was really a battle in the skies, as the ancient ones would’ve said it. When there are such events, i can understand why people in the dark ages, thousand years before made up ideas of gods battling in the sky throwing lightning bolts at each other.

Just like shinigami (死神 death god) and their allies battle against arrancar (破面 lit rip mask) in Bleach. This last chapter was late a day, but at least this gave me a will to read the japanese raw version, which i managed to understand with the great help of an online dictionary. That Szayel Apollo is just crazy, i must say. Or he’s just too much like Ishida? And finally Nell Tu, my favourite appears once again! Since she appeared, i already know at least one event from the next chapter. I wonder though how will Kubo Tite do it exactly. I hope it won’t be late as this one was.

Digimon Next

Ma legfőbb elfoglaltságom a Digimon Next manga olvasása volt. Nagyon tetszik, már így a nyolcadik fejezet környékén is. Sajnos a többit még nem fordították le, de amúgy is – ha jól tudom – a kilencedik fejezet a legújabbik…

A lényeg, hogy a története nagyon tetszetős, a grafikai megvalósítás is vendégmarasztalóan jó, és ugye a szokásos digimonos humor sem maradhat ki.

A főhős Tsurugi, aki fociban és a digimon-nevelgetésben is kiemelkedően jó, de az agymunkában egy növendék eperfa szintjén állhat – jobb esetben. Partnere a Saversből már megismert Agumon (akinek itt is GeoGreymon a bajnok szintje) – jobban mondva a Saversben van a Next-ből megismert Agumon, ugyanis ez a manga előbb jelent meg, mint a sorozat…

Szóval, Tsurugi és Agumon a két főszereplő, és rövidesen csatlakozik hozzájuk Tsurugi két való világ beli barátja, Yuu és Ami. Yuu partnere Gaomon, Ami pedig egy Puchimonnal (Gomamon bébi szintje) társul.

A fő ellenség Barbamon, aki teljesen meg akarja reformálni a digivilágot, és emiatt sok digimont elpusztít. Mellette áll még a rejtélyes Lovag, aki, mint később kiderül, szintén Tsurugi egyik ismerőse…

Továbbá nagy szerepet kapnak az ún. DigiEmlékek, amik … hát őszintén szólva, fogalmam sincs, hogy micsodák, de a lényeg, hogy az illegális (tehát módosított/módosult) digimonok viselik őket – például Peckmon, a Lovag társa hordja a Madár DigiEmléket, Agumon a Sárkány DigiEmléket, és ha minden igaz, Gaomon is bír egyet, de az még nem derült ki, melyiket.

Nagyjából ennyi lenne a lényeg, mindenkinek érdemes elolvasnia, aki tud angolul, holnap mindet fel fogom tölteni a Digimon Backupra.