I think i’ve seen the trailer of this movie once quite long ago, not sure where, might’ve been on a flight back/to Japan, anyway, i decided i should check this out. I liked the old Independence Day movie, and this seemed just the same.

It is.

“World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles” is its full title, and the movie is just as original as its title shows (no matter the Original Film logo at the beginning). In the very first scenes an army guy uses the phrase “textbook military invasion”. Well, this movie is a “textbook military movie”.

There are invading aliens, there are the heroic marines who fight them, there are the poor civilians caught up inbetween (and of course the marines are trying to save them), there’s even the standard flashback to the day before the action starts so that the viewers will get attached to the characters (not happened), there’s the usual officer with a failure in his past that cost many lives…

It’s really a textbook military movie, but at least it doesn’t claim anything else. It was good enough.