Back in the first days of July, when i had my rock’n’roll only days, The Kings of Nuthin’, which i did. They are indeed very similar, though quite different in many ways from 横浜銀蝿, which is more… traditionally rock’n’roll.

The Kings’ album, Old habits die hard is a very punk attempt to recreate the original ’50’s rock’n’roll feel. The brasses and the piano are in the foreground in an almost ska-ish manner (not that i mind). The biggest reason i fell in love with rock’n’roll was the typical bass-line of the genre, which is a bit more difficult to spot on the Kings’ album, but the brass kind of compensates for that.

The album has an amazing 20 songs, which would mean that most of them are short or simple, but actually none feel short at all. I don’t mean that they’re boring, but even with punkish 2-3 minute lengths they have enough “content” so they don’t just pass without leaving an impression. It’s punkabilly (psychobilly if you like that word better) at it’s best. Just a bit more bass and i’d say it’s perfect.