The other album recommended to me during my rock’n’roll streak was the Peacocks’ album titled After All. For some mysterious reason during the week or so when i was only listening to 横浜銀蝿, Kings of Nuthin’, Elvis and this album, this album got the least listens even though i was playing on shuffle and it doesn’t have that much less songs compared to the Kings’ album (15 compared to 20). Either way, it’s definitely not because i didn’t like it, because like i did. A lot.

After All (i’d link their website but it has the annoying feature to start playing a song automatically) is much more rock’n’roll and much less punk than Old Habits Die hard. It doesn’t feature any brasses, just the good old guitar-drums-bass trio. Apparently the Peacocks have a much longer history than the Kings, but sadly i don’t know any other of their works but these i write about.

The music as a whole is more focused on being ’50’s rock’n’roll than being punk, and with such a basic line-up, of course the bass plays a great role, to my great joy. Some of the 15 songs actually feel a bit short at 2 minutes–i’d want to enjoy them for longer…. One of the reasons i tend to put this album on all-repeat-shuffle for hours when i’m in the rock’n’roll mood, one listen is simply just not enough. Some of the songs could even pass as one of Elvis’, had it been sung by the King. Every now and then the album slows down for the time of a slower melody, and it’s doing that great, something that couldn’t be said about the Kings of Nuthin’ album. I’m really grateful to for recommending me the Peacocks, i really love this music.