I mean, i don’t care about bugs, i have no problem with a big spider sitting on the wall or a worm crawling on a tree or whatever, no problem so long they don’t violate my territory. I don’t even mind if spiders spin their webs in the ceiling corners of my room where i have no chance of accidentally touching them, but when bugs are running-flying-crawling around in my room, then they are dead.

It’s not much of a problem so long the bugs in question are tiny flies or mosquitoes (though mosquitoes are damn annoying) or smaller “crawlers”, but when it comes to bigger roaches and their like, it gets ugly. On the one hand, they are damn creepy. On the other, when i kill them they need cleaning up. Which is again creepy.

Now the question is where the hell are they getting in. Both my windows and the kitchen and bathroom fans have bugnets (and my computer is firewalled), i pretty much doubt any bug of that size could squeeze itself in under my door (it shuts quite tight), and the drain of the kitchen and bathroom sinks have these plastic nets to catch stuff that could clog the pipes so those are impregnable too for creatures of this size.

The only possibilities left are the toilet and the bathtub. I can’t really do anything about the former (other than pouring in significant amounts of chemicals which I’d prefer not to), but i’ll have to do something about the latter.