The other day it started raining just when i was heading for the school grounds to run for half an hour. Not that it stopped me, but the cloudy, wet, grey weather reminded me of England. It reminded me of the few times i’d been there before, my short homestay in Devon, the few trips to London and south England…

It reminded me that it’d be a lovely place to live, and i don’t care about all the rioting and stuff – people usually riot for a reason. I’m not following the news, so don’t come at me with all your political rage.

It’d be great if i could manage to go there next summer for the Olympics, though whether i’ll have money and other such minor questions still remain. I’d want to check out that certain pub with the “other beer” in Winchester that a guy told me about last year in China (which means, a british guy told a hungarian guy living in Japan about a pub in England in a guesthouse in Beijing).

I just applied at a few jobs, i’ll have interviews in the coming two weeks, if i get a job then maybe my finance will stabilize and i’ll be able to do all the above. I’d love that. It’s really annoying to have a close-to-zero balance on my account by the middle of the month.