You know what’s a fun thing? When I play 1v1 in StarCraft 2 and random gives me zerg, and by some wonder i’m not rushed to death by a terran swarm or an army of dark templar and make it to the late game, and i hold roughly the half of the map, with creep tumors for visibility, 4-5 hatcheries/lairs/hives, all with queens, and i have a maxed out army at 200, and clash with the enemy, which results in both of us losing a significant number of units, and then soon the enemy tries attacking again with a smaller force to “rush” me before i could rebuild my army, and he’s bound to face an even stronger one already ready. Now, that’s fun.

Yeah, queens and their “spawn larva” ability rules the game. Also a huge economy. I really like the sight of 30-40 mutalisks born at once.