So, in about two weeks, we’ll have the yearly autumn camp of the university light music club. I can’t wait. It was a lot of fun last year, and this year it’s gonna be even more fun. Last year i only had one band and we practiced plenty beforehand, so while everyone else were practicing in the camp, i was bored, looking for people to play pool with. This year i have two bands, i’ll have the honor of singing some Marilyn Manson songs (the Fight Song and one more, yet undecided) and to play bass-vocals for a Hi-Standard copy band. This latter is of course more challenging, as ever since the failure of our Sex Pistols band last autumn (about a week after i bought my bass) i never tried singing while playing. So far i think i can do it, but it’ll need plenty of practicing.

Then of course once the camp is over, we’ll be facing the auditions for the autumn live, where again i’ll have to do my best if i want to get on stage. No bands are decided yet, but most probably we’ll come up with stuff in the camp. I’d love to play the guitar again too, but chances are that’s not gonna happen. If i could get to do the vocals for some nice grunting metal like Heaven Shall Burn, Machine Head or Slipknot, that would be outright awesome. Problem is there’s hardly any drummer in the club who can pull off songs with twin bass.

We’ll see. (In the meanwhile, i’m nearing 150 thousand scrobbles on