The other day i went to Osaka for the second Opeth gig since i’m in Japan (the first was back in 2009), and it was awesome. Although back when the Heritage album came out, i wasn’t exactly happy with it, since then it grew on me, and i didn’t mind all that much that many of the songs at the show were from that album.

It was nice to have more quiet songs, songs when the people around me didn’t want to mosh (i don’t think Opeth is the kind of music you’re supposed to mosh to), but when i heard the first sounds of Face of Melinda, Heir Apparent or the Grand Conjuration, my heart skipped a beat. Ghost Reveries is still my favorite Opeth album, so i was very happy that they played at least one song off it.

Even with a significant number of foreigners were there in the audience, a guy who wanted to talk in german at all costs asked me where i was from, and when i told him, another guy standing nearby went all woot “all hail Wisdom!” I didn’t even know what to say, i wouldn’t have expected a hungarian metal band to be known in Japan.

It was a great show, totally worth the money. I hope Opeth won’t take two years again to come back to Japan. I want more.