Until a while ago, whenever i got the sudden urge to go and buy a smartphone or tablet, i managed to stop myself by saying that i simply don’t need it. It was true too, since if i consider what i use my cell phone for (texting, tweeting and a call about once a week), even the money i’m already paying for it seems like a lot.

Getting a smartphone wouldn’t be smart, because it costs a lot, and i’d end up being stuck to it all the time. I’m constantly on the net when i’m at home, so i thought that having a net-able terminal close at hand all the time wouldn’t have a good effect on me. (Probably still true.)

On the other hand, i’ve been away from home a lot in the past few weeks (and will be for the rest of september), and this caused a peak in my creativity. While dozing off on the train, or slacking off during the day, ideas just keep popping up in my head, and i have no way to actually realize them.

By the time i get home to blog about them or write them down or draw them, they lose all actuality. It’s all right during schooltime, but when i’m hardly at home and/or travelling a lot, i’d really appreciate to have a tablet or a notebook at hand.