Welcome to our regular post-Ubuntu update rant. I’m a bit disappointed that i have to write one like this again, especially since i haven’t logged on to Ubuntu for quite a while after the update came out (i stayed on Windows to play League). And even with the extra time, there were problems present.

First, the IBUS input is broken. I used that to write in japanese, and honestly, i still don’t know why it doesn’t work or how to fix it. The daemon is supposedly running and i see no errors anywhere, yet the usual icon from the tray is missing, and the input mode switch hotkeys i set before do nothing. The workaround i managed to find was adding the Japanese (Anthy) keyboard layout separately.

Of course it also reset my customized hungarian keyboard layout as always – lucky i had the file backed up so i only had to copy it back. I map the hungarian layout to a japanese keyboard with some keys swapped, so it’s quite annoying to set this every time there’s a system update.

The video drivers also broke. This first resulted in the cursor disappearing after login and also the (long) titles of Chromium tabs not showing. The cursor problem can be temporarily solved by unplugging the mouse then back (turning it off and back didn’t help), but it’s gonna break on next logon again. Both problems can be solved by switching to the X.org ATi drivers (i also added the radeon.dpm=1 option to the GRUB command line just in case). On the other hand, switching to X.org breaks the sound if you use the graphics card’s HDMI output. Adding the radeon.audio=1 boot option solves this.

I wish i didn’t have to hack my way around a new bunch of bugs every time there’s a system update…