Month: January 2014



That last KanColle update

So apparently a bunch of anons are throwing fits about how they now have to re-VPN into Japan to renew their tokens for KanColle… It’s due to this week’s update that rolled out a system that requires that the JS on the DMM site renews the API token every set number of requests (“ticks”).

Of course the shitstorm (or even hurricane) was imminent when anons realized they can’t use their API keys forever anymore. Especially when some smartass pointed out that this update happened just two weeks after /a/’s favorite target of hate, Commie published their unofficial translation patch for the client. Let me quote: “Even the chinese are blaming commie, this is a international thing now.”[src]

The failure of Microsoft


Just earlier someone linked the news from Verge that MS was forced to rename SkyDrive due to trademark problems with the British Sky media brand. This could only be better if they were also sued by Google over the “drive” word (cf Google Drive).





GTK3 red to green progress bar in Python

I really needed a progress bar that changes from red to green as it progresses. Well, I made one. Though it doesn’t support labels as the built-in GTK ProgressBar, one can easily be added next to the bar, or (if it’s static) in a tooltip. Also, not removing would result in an actual red-to-green gradient, instead of a color-changing bar. (Though it should still be removed when the bar is reset.)

Reordering elements in a GTK Menu

Recently I’ve had the pleasure to play around with GTK from Python while working on a (by now not so) little app for KanColle. (Since that last update on github I’ve rewritten the whole thing from scratch, but that’s not the point now.) On the way, I encountered a quite annoying problem: the reorder_child method for gtk.Menu just doesn’t work. I use Python 2.7, gtk.gtk_version says that’s 2.24.20, and gtk.pygtk_version is 2.24.0.

#nowplaying button for the Ubuntu sound menu

Every now and then I get this urge to just post a #nowplaying tweet, and at such a time it’s always such a drag to type it in manually. So I thought I’d make a menu item in the Ubuntu sound menu that sends such a tweet automatically. It turned out not to be all so easy at all…


Just now I found this nice infographic about the average coffee consumption around the world on facebook, and I just had to check how I’m faring.

Current Worldwide Annual Coffee Consumption per capita