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KanColle Bridge 0.7

KanColle Bridge is a smart little Python app for your Ubuntu that can help you with a bunch of stuff related to your beloved shipdaughters. Work in progress.

GTK3 red to green progress bar in Python

I really needed a progress bar that changes from red to green as it progresses. Well, I made one. Though it doesn’t support labels as the built-in GTK ProgressBar, one can easily be added next to the bar, or (if it’s static) in a tooltip. Also, not removing self.bar would result in an actual red-to-green gradient, instead of a color-changing bar. (Though it should still be removed when the bar is reset.)

Reordering elements in a GTK Menu

Recently I’ve had the pleasure to play around with GTK from Python while working on a (by now not so) little app for KanColle. (Since that last update on github I’ve rewritten the whole thing from scratch, but that’s not the point now.) On the way, I encountered a quite annoying problem: the reorder_child method for gtk.Menu just doesn’t work. I use Python 2.7, gtk.gtk_version says that’s 2.24.20, and gtk.pygtk_version is 2.24.0.